SecuTherm Drying-Out & Supplemental Thermal Insulation Systems for Flat Roofs (Renovation/New Construction)

  • Drying-out and supplemental thermal insulation for single-shell flat roofs, so-called warm roofs
  • Cost savings approx. 30% compared to total demolition & conventional new construction
  • We guarantee the drying-out of the existing old insulating layers
  • Permanently active drying-out system
  • Approved by the DiBT [German Institute for Construction Technology]
  • We offer you expert services & engineering services
  • We prepare substance analyses & surveys
  • A heat transition calculation and drying-out calculation must be shown

We will be pleased to advise you personally, by e-mail or by telephone in advance.

What we offer you!

SecuTherm offers you a series of engineering services - from planning to acceptance.

Our range of services performed by specialist engineers and surveyors includes:

  • Substance analysis of your roofs at the site, nationwide (actual/target condition)
  • Building physics analysis and evaluation
  • Development of planning bases, incl. cost estimates
  • Property-specific tender documentation
  • Consideration of all norms and directives

The SecuTherm Drying-Out WDS is the most cost-effective renovation for wet weatherproofing roofs.

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